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Fiscal Year 2019 Monthly Revenue Report

October 2018  View               April 2019  View       

November 2018 View          May  2019 View

December 2018  View           June 2019   View      

January 2019   View            July 2019   View

February 2019  View             August 2019  View    

March 2019       View            September 2019 View 

Fiscal Year 2018 Monthly Revenue Report

October 2017     View          April 2018  View  

November 2017  View         May  2018  View

December 2017 View         June 2018  View      

January 2018     View         July 2018    View     

February 2018 View           August 2018 View    

March 2018     View           September 2018 View 

Year to Date Revenue Report

Cumulative Revenue Report 2016  View
Cumulative Revenue Report 2017  View
Cumulative Revenue Report 2018 View

Month to Month Revenue Collections Report

Cumulative Month to Month Revenue Collection  Report 2016  View
Cumulative Month to Month Revenue Collection Report 2017  View

Cumulative Month to Month Revenue Collection Report 2018View

 Director's Message
  The Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (the Bureau) is responsible for administering and enforcing the internal revenue tax laws of the Virgin Islands.  As the major revenue collection agency of the Government of the Virgin Islands, the Bureau must maintain the required human and technical resources to succeed in its mission. Link...
 Local Tax Forms
 241VI Lottery Winning Subsidy Form
 501VI Withholding Receipt Payment
 720BVI Gross Receipts Yearly Form (5%)
 720BVI 2012 Gross Receipts Yearly      
            Form - (4 1/2% and 5%)
 720BVI 2011 Gross Receipts Yearly  
            Form  - (4% and 4 1/2%)
720BVI Gross Receipts Yearly Form (4%)
 720C Gross Receipts Amended
 720VI Gross Receipts Monthly Form (5%)
 720VI Gross Receipts Monthly Form(4%)
 720VI Gross Receipts Monthly Form Pre-          May 2011 (4%)
 721DP VI Fuel Tax Deposit Coupon
 721F VI Monthly Fuel Tax Return
 722EI  Enviromental Infastructure               Impact Tax Return
 722VI Hotel Room Tax (12.5%)

 722VI Hotel Room Tax (10%)
 723VI Vehicle Tire Tax
 724VI Vehicle Rental Tax
 750 Highway User's Tax Return
 941VI Withholding Form
 941 Schedule B
 1040 VI Info Form - CY 2015
 1040 VI Info Form - CY 2016
 1040 VI Info Form - CY 2017
 1040 VI Info Form - CY 2018
 1120ES VI  Corporate Estimated Tax

 3949A Information Referral Form
 8862 Info to Claim EIC After Disallowance
 Form CZM - Coastal Zone Management
- Tax Clearance Form

 LIC1A - Affidavit Form
 Affidavit of Lost Check Form
 Request for Credit Card Usage Form
Mailing Address (St. Thomas): 6115 Estate Smith Bay Ste 225 St Thomas , VI 00802
(St. Croix): 4008 Estate Diamond Plot 7-B
Christiansted, VI 00820-4421